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in 2020, our family took this gorgeous but forsaken plot of skykomish valley land into our care.

with overgrown greenhouses, hordes of junk, this delapidated 32-acre farm has since become our family's passion project & our calling.

Its definitely been a labor of love & a family affair. We are inspired by the transformation that has occured with some good old hard work, the help of our friends & community
& lots sweat, love & laughs.

and a few cocktails...

it is our dream that shine farms becomes a place of many good times to come,
both for our local community
& those just passing thru.

We have some big visions.
Not to give away the suprise, but did some one say woodfired pizza? corn-roasting cook-off? live entertainment... music & comedy.

Gathering together is a big part of our family culture, & We want to create a place for people to enjoy the simple pleasures in life - sunshine, beautiful nature, good food, good people & Good times!

Shine flower farm was actually seeded in the spring of 2018. We started with a quarter acre plot at our home at the other end of the valley.

We started as an auntie-niece team - Kris & Amber - where we began learning the ropes of sustainably farming heirloom cut flowers.

To us, shine is about light, luminous hope & beauty. The way the light shines through the trees, the leaves, and even the dark days in our lives. we especially love admiring the sun rays filtering through the flower petals. We were inspired to grow & share flowers, impacted by these simple & profound moments of gratitude, warmth & awe we experience when we take the time to witness the beauty in life all around us. we hope our flowers & our farm help to share this gift of light, love & beauty.

Shine farms is here to create a more beautiful, loving & joyful world, one petal at a time.

so, Shine on you crazy dahlia!